Sunday, 8 June 2014

Labour appeases bankers.


  1. This is depressing.
    Neither MMT nor Ralphanomics has made any impression on the Tories (as we have seen during recent years).
    Likewise there has been zero penetration into the minds of the Labour Party (as noted in the article referenced here).
    Ditto the Liberal Democrats (see

    Do you know what UKIP's fiscal strategy is, if any?
    Do the Greens have a coherent fiscal strategy?

  2. KK,

    Re penetrating the minds of Labour, a couple of local Positive Money supporters have had VERY POSITIVE reactions from local North East MPs. Obviously you and I are not in 100% agreement with Pos Money, but I certainly agree with their full reserve banking policy.

    UKIP and the Tories are plain clueless.

    Re the Greens I think they've adopted full reserve as one of their policies.


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