Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Lefties adopt far right policies – shock.

In the good old days, i.e. about 12 months ago, it used to be mainly those wicked “far right” parties that advocated exit from the Eurozone and/or European Union.

That made far right parties, in the eyes of many lefties, a bunch of Little Englander, xenophobic, racist, neo-fascist, neo-Nazi, neo anything else you care to mention, ne’er do wells.

But now it’s all change. What with the damage that the Eurozone is allegedly doing to Greece, lefties are now throwing fire and brimstone at the EZ/EU. It’s truly hilarious.

Any chance of apologies being offered for the “xenophobe” etc accusations? No, thought not. (Incidentally I said “allegedly” there because the alternative explanation is that Greece shot ITSELF in the foot, rather than that SOMEONE ELSE shot Greece in the foot.)


But it’s not only in connection with Europe that lefties are doing a volte face. They’re also doing a bit of a volte face on the subject of multiculturalism.

This article appeared in the comment is censored comment is free section of the Guardian entitled “Why Iraq should consider separate Sunni and Shia regions”.  Strewth!  Right thinking lefties (forgive the pun) have had it drilled into them since before they finished breast feeding that MIXING different religious groups, i.e. MULTICULTURALISM brings amazing benefits. Now apparently it’s a good idea to SEPARATE such groups. What’s going on?

As the article puts it, “Regionalising Iraq into different ethno-sectarian regions has been proposed in the past. It can no longer be dismissed.” I’m socked (ho ho).

Of course the high priests of political correctness who write for the Guardian might claim that multiculturalism is worth a try for the amazing benefits it brings and if it doesn’t work, one can do a “separation” is suggested above for Iraq. Well just imagine splitting the UK into Muslim and non-Muslim autonomous regions: the idea is absurd. 

As for the amazing benefits of multiculturalism, I’m bowled over by them. They include female genital mutilation, forced marriages, electoral fraud, bombs on trains and busses, killing the authors and cartoonists you don’t like (Hitler did that), abducting school girls and selling them into slavery, destroying centuries old cultural ikons like statues of Buddah. I could go on. The “cultural enrichment” there is a wonder to behold.

Silly me: I’m not much impressed by the alleged advantages of multiculturalism. Clearly I’ve missed something.

Of course it’s been obvious for a long time that the awe in which lefties hold multiculturalism is contrived. Reason for that is when Tibet expresses a desire to retain its culture, identity, traditions etc, lefties go all dewy eyed. But if some white Brit expresses the desire to do the same thing in connection with the UK, lefties foam at the mouth and jump up and down with contrived righteous indignation.

I.e. the left’s desire for mulitculturalism is actually a desire to destroy European civilisation and replace it with Islam or whatever. That’s because destroying your own civilisation, i.e. vandalism, is regarded as cool in leftie circles.

As the historian Arnold Toynbee put it, “Civilisations are not destroyed: they commit suicide.”

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