Saturday, 18 July 2015

Great minds discuss ideas.

According to the guidelines for those submitting articles to the Financial Times, it’s necessary to include some sort of human interest element. See passage starting “Even if your subject…” here.

Of course the main purpose of newspapers is to give readers an adrenalin rush and confirm their prejudices. The so called “news” is only there to make it look like the newspaper and its readers are seriously interested in news. Or perhaps I’m being over cynical.

Anyway, you’d think the Financial Times could rise above that sort of thing. So with a view to getting something in the FT, I’m cobbling together an article with loads of stuff about what “people” have been doing on some soap: Neighbours, Coronation Street etc.

In contrast, there won’t be much in it by way of IDEAS.

Keep an eye out if you’re an FT reader….:-)

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