Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Does the Church back the occupy movement or not?

If there is one issue where the Church of England might have stuck it’s neck out just a little bit, it’s on the issue of the occupy movement. Remember all those tents parked outside St Pauls cathedral? 

Here the Archbishop of Canterbury supported the occupy movement, while here, he opposed it. White priest speak with forked tongue.

Of course, if accused of supporting the criminals and fraudsters who work in the financial sector, bishops can always point to the small print in some article they’ve written which criticises banks. Yep: most bishops would make good lawyers.

And if one of the perpetrators of the Iraq war (Tony Blair or George Bush) turned up a bishop’s palace, the relevant bishop would be all smiles. But if criticised for smiling, the relevant bishop would point to the small print…. You get the picture.

Prior to the French revolution the priesthood backed the aristocracy, not the peasants. When it comes the important social issues of the day, the church is always on the side of the establishment and respectability – while pointing to the small print.

That’s why the Church of England is often described as “The Tory Party at Prayer”.

And if Hitler had landed on British shores in the early 1940s, who would have been the first to lick his boots while pointing to the small print?

And if you think I’m being rude about two faced choir boy molesting Christian priests, my views on adulterer stoning, cartoonist murdering, suicide bombing, forced marriage promoting, female genital mutilating, free speech supressing, Islamic clerics aren’t a whole lot more complementary. But as a rough guide, my views coincide with Pat Condell’s.  (Oh by the way, I forgot to mention Halal animal cruelty, and apostate murder – silly me. The list is so long that if you want a synonym for Islam, then the words “evil” or “Nazism” wouldn’t be far off the mark.)

By the way, Pat Condell re-invents existentialism here. Assuming you adhere to logic and philosophy rather than fairy tales, there is no way religion beats existentialism.

Vive Jean Paul Sartre.

But unfortunately J.P.Sartre is what the politically correct call a “dead white male”, which means – according to PC logic  - that he should be ignored - and that we should have more respect for the cartoonist and author murdering brigade.

Conclusion: the politically correct are obscene, depraved nutters. 

Well that was a good rant. Now I’m feeling better.

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