Friday, 12 June 2020

The International Movement for Monetary Reform is a joke.

At least it seems to be. I say that because four out of the last ten blog articles on their site are by Edgar Wortman, whoever he is. And there’s no indication who he is, far as I can see. But I assume he’s the person who runs the organisation.

All the remaining articles are by “Webmaster”, whoever that is. But it sounds like the person who controls the organisation, i.e. (I assume)  Edgar Wortman.

Thus it seems the so called “International” monetary reform movement is not by any stretch of the imagination actually INTERNATIONAL. Indeed, it couldn’t even be said to provide a diverse range of views from inside any one country!

I could submit an article to them, but it looks like there’s a 99% chance of it being rejected because the IMMR exists for the benefit of Edgar Wortman and his friends, so I won't bother.

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