Tuesday, 23 June 2020

The catastrophic stupidity of journalists.

Journalists are one of the least trusted professions: pretty much right at the bottom of the “trust league”, at least according to this evidence. And that’s for the very good reason that they are mostly bullshitters, loudmouths, charlatans, windbags, ignoramuses etc etc.

This can be very nicely illustrated by the nonsense coming from journalists, particularly leftie journalists, on the subject of immigration.

One of the main objections to mass immigration, if not the THE MAIN OBJECTION, is the fact that when migrants from country A migrate to country B, they can fundamentally alter the culture and way of life in B. That has happened over and over throughout history, and indeed it is no more than common sense that that can be the effect of immigration, particularly mass immigration.

Thus when large numbers of people move from relatively backwards cultures, e.g. African and Muslim countries to Europe, that is likely to drag Europe back into the past. I.e. the more Africans and Muslims in Europe, the more Europe may come to resemble the Islamic part of Nigeria, a place where not one in a thousand Western journalists choose to go and live in. (If you’re as thick as a journalist you won’t see the irony and hypocrisy there, but hopefully you’ve got more brain than a journalist.)

Indeed, the number of Europeans who want Muslim migration to Europe to be stopped is DOUBLE the number who want it to continue. And that of course means that far from Donald Trump being an “extremist” in this context, he would seem to be simply going along with the wishes of the people (something that will bring tears to the eyes of leftie journalists).
Moreover, there is plenty of evidence that Islam is indeed dragging Europe, or the West in general, back to the dark ages. For example Muslim leaders at the UN have for years tried to get resolutions passed which ban criticism of religion, Islam in particular. And Scotland’s Muslim justice minister, Humza Yousaf, is doing his best to curtail criticism of religion.

Female genital mutilation is now effectively legal in the UK. That is, there has been just ONE successful prosecution of a “mutilator” in the last thirty years. Given that the UK’s National Health Service logs thousands of cases a year, it should be obvious, even to journalists, that there is a 99.99% chance of getting away with FGM.

Plus there are any number of videos on the internet put there by Imams telling Muslims how to beat their wives.

I could go on about the ways in which Islam is degrading European civilisation, but that’s not my central point here. My central point is that journalists (leftie ones in particular) are so abysmally stupid that they apparently don’t understand the latter “degrading” point. At least I have never come across a SINGLE ARTICLE in the UK’s main highbrow left of centre newspaper, the Guardian, that addresses that issue. (Instead of “highbrow”, I should really have said “pseudo-intellectual”, but never mind.)

And right of centre journalists are almost equally clueless.

To repeat, I am not trying to argue that the above “degrading” point is valid. I am simply saying that leftie journalists are so abysmally stupid that they don’t even understand the point.

Given that every tabloid reader and every member of the UK’s “far right” parties seems to understand it, the conclusion is that journalists, leftie journalists in particular, are UTTER AND COMPLETE MORONS.


And for a final bit of journalistic incompetence, this is a bit of a giggle. I’ve just noticed that Bloomberg has two subscription offers. One is $1.99 a month, which works out at about $24 a year. Alternatively you can go for a full year’s subscription, which will cost you $290 – over ten times as much!

I suspect the average five year old would know which one to go for, if they wanted to read Bloomberg articles…:-)

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