Monday, 13 February 2017

Hilarious. A comment of mine in the Financial Times was deleted because it “insulted” the relevant journalist.

The article concerned was about immigration and was entitled “Endless exodus: 3,000 years of fearing and depending on refugees.”

The article, as is normal with articles on immigration in broadsheet newspapers, accused all and sundry of “xenophobia”. Indeed the latter word appeared in bold type as part of a sub-heading at the top of the article.

Now there’s a big problem with accusing anyone of xenophobia (hatred or fear of foreigners) which is thus.

There are several possible motives for wanting immigration reduced. E.g. first, there is concern about overcrowding and inflated house prices. Second, there is the desire to see one’s own country’s culture, identity, way of life etc not overrun by another culture or group of people.

Items one and two just above do not necessarily involve “hatred” or “fear” of foreigners. Indeed, of the many members of so called “far right” parties I’ve met, I’ve never met any who clearly hate or fear foreigners: but they certainly DO WANT Muslims for example to stay where they are – in the Middle East etc, rather than come to Europe.

Indeed, it now seems that A LARGE MAJORITY of Europeans with a view on the matter now want a complete ban on Muslim migration to Europe, according to a recent survey by Chatham House (see their chart reproduced below - scroll half way down on their site). And that according to the numpties who write for broadsheet newspapers presumably means a majority of Europeans are “xenophobes”. (To be more exact, if you strip out the “don’t knows” from the chart below, those who want a ban on Muslim migration outnumber those who don’t by about two to one.)

So….if you’re going to make the nasty accusation against a group of people, namely that they “hate” or “fear” foreigners, there’s an onus on you to produce some very good evidence to back the accusation, isn't there? I wouldn’t accuse a broadsheet journalist of being a murderer or pedophile without some very good evidence. Would you?

But far from bothering with “evidence”, there have been literally HUNDREDS of articles in broadsheet newspapers over the last decade or more accusing various people of xenophobia without so much as the beginnings of an attempt to substantiate the charge. Indeed I have never ever seen an article which makes the slightest effort to prove the “xenophobia” charge. The conclusion is that the journalists who write for broadsheet newspapers are a bunch of


Now when dealing with nasty little ignorant thick headed shits or bullies, there’s it’s often a good idea to kick them in the balls as hard as they kick everyone else in the balls. Violence is probably all they understand.


But there’s another  hypocrisy which broadsheet journalists are guilty of as follows.

Tibetans are keen to preserve their culture, identity and way of life. But far from deploring that, broadsheet journalists and lefties in general go all dewey eyed about the wonders of Tibetans preserving their culture.

And that’s just the thousandth example of racism perpetrated by sanctimonous self-styled “anti-racists”: if you’ve got brown skin it’s OK to try to preserve your culture, but if you’ve got white skin it’s not.

Incidentally the fiendishly intellectual and well read blogger who goes by the name “Lord Keynes” recently highlighted the “Tibet hypocrisy”, and well done Lord Keynes, though frankly he’s a bit slow off the mark: members of the British National Party were pointing to the Tibet hypocrisy fifteen years ago.

My Financial Times comment.

Anyway, the comment of mine in the FT which was deleted more or less summed up the above points. Strangely, the comment was left in place for about 48 hours before being deleted, so most of those likely to read it would have read it. To that extent, I’m not too concerned about the deletion. Anyway, the comment, which certainly was laced with insults, was as follows.

“Good to see the foul mouthed Mark Mazower repeat the charge (in bold type at the top of the above article) namely that those who oppose mass immigration suffer from “xenophobia” (fear or hatred of foreigners). As is normal with the retards who write for broadsheet newspapers, he makes no attempt whatever to justify the charge. After all, opposition to mass migration could simply be down to a desire to preserve one’s own country’s culture, way of life, identity etc, rather than hatred of foreigners. Indeed, when Tibetans try to preserve THEIR culture and way of lift, the aforesaid retards go all dewey eyed (though I don’t expect said retards to have the brain to see the irony there).

Anyway, since the above mentioned retards seem to think unsubstantiated insults are clever, I wish to announce that all journalists writing for the FT and other broadsheet newspapers on immigration are foul mouthed, mentally retarded pedophiles. As for substantiating that insult, I just can’t be bothered. Anyway, I assume said retards will be impressed by my latter insult.”


  1. Sorry about previous comments on incorrect thread.But you really are losing potential readers.You can make good points but then get them invalidated by descending to the same level.Once the name calling commences the actual debate vanishes into a secondary position.They say xenophobe or racist you say retard(or similar).Debate ends.

    Reminds me of Godwin's law,....but this type of debate ends a lot quicker.

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