Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Financial Times fake newspaper.

The recent flurry of concern by the elite, in the form of politicians and editors of respectable broadsheet newspapers, about so called “fake news” is backfiring on them big time. Reason is of course, that as anyone with half a brain has known for years, politicians and journalists are among the worst liars and promoters of “fake news” on the face of planet Earth, and always have been.

Oh hang on: did I say “concern” above?  Should have said “fake concern”.  Sorry about that.

My prize for fake news in today’s FT goes to Philip Stephens who, as is normal with the ignoramuses who write for broadsheet newspapers, accuses the so called “far right” of xenophobia (hatred of foreigners).

Now the problem with the accusation “xenophobia”, as I explain in more detail here, is that those concerned about immigration do not necessarily “hate” foreigners: it is perfectly possible they are concerned simply to see their country’s culture, identity and way of life preserved, rather than have the latter smothered by some alien and indeed pretty obviously backward culture like Islam. Indeed, in my experience that is indeed what motivates those concerned about immigration.

Thus anyone with manners would abstain from the “xenophobia” accusation unless the accusation can be backed by decent evidence.  However, out of the hundreds of instances where the accusation has been made, I have never, so much as once, seen the beginnings of an attempt to provide evidence.

Anyway, since Philip Stephens, like other broadsheet journalists apparently thinks it’s clever to kick other people in the balls, I thought I’d respond by making some unfounded accusations against Philip Stephens in the comments after the article: or to put it more bluntly, kick him in the balls.

Surprise, surprise: the comment was censored!

Lefties and respectable centre ground folk like censorship because on a level playing field they'd get decimated.

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