Sunday, 23 August 2015

Shock horror: Jeremy Corbyn accused of racism.

What a delight to see Jeremy Corbyn being accused of racism. Apparently he’s “deeply offended”. Well poor little Corby worbies.

Given that “racist” is the favourite put down used by lefties, particularly on the subject of immigration, it’s good to see a leftie being accused of racism. I assume Corbyn as a leftie has accused others of racism in the past without good reason, so my reaction to Corbyn himself being accused of racism is: “poetic justice”.

Moreover, Corbyn is a member of a political party which took part in the slaughter of a million Muslims in Iraq for no good reason. So that proves beyond any doubt that he’s a racist. Na, na, na-na, na.

By way of contrast, the anti-immigration and allegedly racist “far right” political parties in the UK (BNP and UKIP) opposed the Iraq war from day one. So they’re clearly nowhere near as racist as Jeremy “wouldn’t touch racism with a bargepole” Corbyn.

Apart from the word “racist”, lefties have a range of other insults lined up for you if your views on immigration don’t quite coincide with standard left of centre views on that subject: insults like “xenophobe”, “Nazi” and “fascist”.

Alternatively you might be a “neo-Nazi”, “neo-fascist” or neo anything else you care to mention. The prefix “neo” sounds soooo sophisticated, and appearing sophisticated is important if you’re one of the pseudo intellectual poseurs who make up a significant portion of the political left.

If the Labour Party had ditched the “loony left / PC / pseudo sophisticated” section of the party fifty years ago, they’d have won every election in the last fifty years, because there’s plenty of support on the political right for what might be called decent or old Labour values: decent pensions & health service etc.

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