Sunday, 16 August 2015

Disgraceful display of racism by pseudo anti-racists – shock.

I’m incandescent with contrived righteous indignation. Reasons are as follows.

David Cameron has recently been criticised for using the word “swarm” in reference to the – er – swarm of African migrants gathered at Calais attempting to get to Britain. And the politically correct have got all worked up about that use of the word swarm. (Yes, they’re always getting worked up about some word or other: that’s because they’re too dim to deal with the BASIC arguments for or against anything.)

Anyway, the only problem there is that the word swarm has often been used in the past in reference to various groups of people: football supporters, supporters of particular political parties, and so on.

So what the politically correct are advocating is discrimination on the basis of race: that is, they’re saying it’s OK to use the word swarm in reference to football supporters etc, but not OK to us the word in reference to African migrants. And that equals racism, because it involves treating two groups which a different racially in a different way. That’s racial discrimination.

Racism perpetrated by self-styled anti-racists. Mind that’s about the millionth example of that phenomenon.

Nasty, pompous, sanctimonious, hypocritical lot the politically correct, wouldn’t you say? Mind, most self-appointed moral authorities are that way. For example there’s the Catholic priests who do strange things with choir boys and the Muslim clerics who spew out hate speech.

And as for the Muslim clerics who back the abduction of young girls and selling them into slavery, or the Muslim clerics who back the murder of authors and cartoonists, words fail me.

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