Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Guardian’s Racist Housing Proposals.

The Guardian, Britain’s “holier than thou / wouldn’t touch racism with a barge pole” newspaper, has just published an article by one of its regular columnists, Zoe Williams, proposing a blatantly racist housing policy. The policy is to “ban the ownership of housing by foreign non-residents.”

I trust you’re foaming at the mouth and jumping up and down with contrived righteous indignation.

Of course Guardianistas will doubtless argue that that policy is not racist because it does not specifically refer to race: it refers to FOREIGNERS.

Well the problem with that argument is that if you express concern about immigration in general, i.e. without regard to race, you’re guaranteed to be accused of racism, Nazism, xenophobia and worse by hoards of screaming lefties.

Moreover, the basic purpose of Zoe Williams’s plan to ban foreigners from buying property in the UK is to reduce house prices in the UK. Well that can be done very simply and without discriminating against foreigners by banning the purchase of second homes regardless of the nationality of the would be second home owner, or by placing some sort of special tax on all second homes. (Local authorities actually already have the right to charge extra council tax on empty properties).

So there’s absolutely no need for discrimination against foreigners. I’m appalled...:-)

And just to rub salt into the wound, The Guardian supports the political party which took part in the slaughter of a million Muslims in Iraq for no very good reason: the worst act of racism since the Holocaust…. while giving us sermons on racism. Meanwhile Britain’s allegedly racist “far right” parties opposed the war from day one.

Don’t  you just love it?

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