Saturday, 13 June 2015

Greek unemployment.

Why don’t more Greeks take advantage of the freedom of movement offered by the EU to get themselves jobs in lovely windswept Northern Europe?

Which would you prefer? Being unemployed in Greece (images below) or working in a factory in Northern Europe? Difficult choice isn't it?


Reminds me of a holiday I had in Portugal many years ago with some friends. We spent our time on the beach drinking wine. Nearby were some refugees from a former Porguguese colony (Angola I think) living in a shanty town and also sitting on the beach drinking wine.

It occurred to us that they were arguably better off than we were. After all, we had to work 50 weeks a year in Northern Europe in order to be able to sit on the beach drinking wine for two weeks, whereas they could do that 52 weeks a year.

On the other hand sitting on the beech drinking wine wouldn’t be too pleasant in Winter 9 days out of 10 in Portugal. Still, I do have a point there don’t I?

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