Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The usual bigotry from the BBC (Buggers Broadcasting Communism).

The BBC’s radio 4 news bulletin aired an hour or so before I wrote this claimed several times that the UK government’s Work Programme involved having people “work for no pay”. Whining, complaining, belly-aching lefties will be pleased with that message.
Unfortunately the message is factually incorrect. That is, people on the Work Programme do get paid: they get paid what they’d have got on benefits. Of course there may be plenty wrong with WP, plus its perfectly reasonable to discuss exactly what the pay of WP employees should be and what hours they should work. But it’s factually incorrect to say they aren’t paid.
But then facts are of little interest to the buggers at the BBC. And I use the word bugger not without some sort of reason. Seems the BBC has been a haven for paedophiles for a long time. Though exactly how much buggery that involved, we can’t be sure.

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