Friday, 22 February 2013

Labour to give taxpayers’ money to Labour voters.

“People who lose their jobs after many years of work would receive higher benefits than those who have not held down a career under proposals being drawn up by Labour.” So says the opening paragraph of a report on p.2 of today’s Financial Times (1).
I could have phrased that a bit better and as follows.
People who have spent years holding the country to ransom with a view to obtaining unwarranted job security in the unionised, Labour supporting public sector will be additionally rewarded by Labour with higher benefits. In contrast, those who have performed the invaluable public service of making up for the above labour market inflexibility by getting a series of short term jobs will be penalised.
The stench arising from that proposal almost equals the stench arising from the money laundering carried out by Labour prior to the last general election: they gave about £20m to various trade unions allegedly for “training”. And those same unions by a remarkable coincidence then gave about £10m to the Labour Party.
And the stench from that about equals the stench arising from bankster contributions to the Tory Party.
1. Article entitled “Labour looks at help for ‘strivers’.

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