Friday, 16 March 2012

Mr Revolving Door claims to disapprove of revolving doors.

I do like this article in the Wall Street Journal by Timothy Geithner in which he claims to disapprove of Wall Street’s influence on the U.S. government.

By way of trying to persuade us of his sincerity, he drags his wife into it. The sub heading of the article reads, “My wife looks up from the newspaper with bewilderment at another story about people in the financial world or their lobbyists complaining about Wall Street reform.” I’m moved to tears.

Of course it is just conceivable that Geithner is genuinely concerned about U.S. banks rather than democratically elected political parties running the U.S. But I doubt it. I suspect this article is a publicity stunt: it’s Geithner trying to portray himself as a saint before his arrest for this part in the Goldman Sachs / AIG affair.

When he quits his job as Treasury Secretary he’ll almost certainly return to Wall Street, where he will continue to push the interests of Wall Street at the expense of the peasants, while pretending to do the opposite.


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