Sunday, 18 March 2012

Help stop tax dodging.

War on Want along with other organisations are campaigning for an abolition of tax havens. The picture above is from a post card they’ve produced. Below is what appears on the back of the card. Send an email to your member of parliament with the picture and the stuff below!!!

Dear MP

Tax dodging costs the UK £100 billion a year. That's enough to double funding for the NHS. Developing countries lose an estimated £250 billion every year as a direct result of corporate tax dodging - money which could be used to reach the UN's Millennium Development Goals several times over.

The UK plays a major role in tax dodging, with many of the world's tax havens British dependencies such as Jersey or overseas territories such as the Cayman Islands. The City of London acts as the financial nerve centre for these tax havens and supports an army of pinstriped lawyers and accountants devoted to helping companies dodge tax.

Companies should pay their fair share of tax not only here but in the developing world. Taxes collected should be used to help fund vital public services such as healthcare, education and housing in developing countries as well as in the UK.

I ask you to write to the Prime Minister urging him to take firm action to end tax dodging by:

• putting a moratorium on staff cutbacks and tax office closures in HM Revenue & Customs
• abolishing UK tax havens
• working with other countries to eradicate trade mispricing and promote transparency through 'country by country' reporting by companies
• prosecuting corporate executives, lawyers and accountants for profit from laundering and tax dodging.

Yours sincerely,


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