Wednesday, 9 June 2021

The UK government’s valiant attempts to hush up statistics on crime and race.


Just in case you’re unaware of the above “attempts”, this is the sort of thing I mean.

Anyway, I thought I’d see what I could find on the subject of knife crime and race. There’s plenty of statistics out there, but (surprise surprise) a lack of anything on the extent to which different races are responsible for knife crime.

Anyway far as I can see, a black in London is just over SEVEN times more likely to commit a knife crime than a white. In contrast, the liklihood of an Asian doing a knife crime is only slightly higher than for a white: about 20% more. And that’s about what any normal person (i.e. not a Guardian reader) would expect.

Note that the only figures I could find for knife crime committed by different races after an hour of searching on Google were from a freedom of information request: i.e. the information had to be forced out of the authorities (big surprise). Plus those figures are unsatisfactory in that they give the number of people “proceeded against” not the number convicted. But given the authorities’ determination to hush up the figures, I offer no apologies for producing less than perfect figures.

I got the figures for the racial make up of London’s population from here.

As for the figures on knife crime, I got those from here. I took the latest figures, i.e. the figures for 2018.

This all very much ties up with figures from the US: in particular, it seems from this source that blacks are over a hundred times more likely to attack Asians than Asians are to attack blacks.

If you’re as dumb as a leftie journalist you won’t of course understand the reason for the above “hushing up”, so I’ll explain. The above figures do not “fit the narrative”. That is they do not fit the narrative coming from the left, and indeed from the political centre ground to some extent, that multiculturalism is a boon.

Therefor in line with the intellectual dishonesty that is the norm on the political left, the figures must be hushed up.

The political left would gain millions of votes from the political right if the left abandoned its loonier aspects: wokeism, political correctness, the loony left and intellectual dishonesty in the form of hushing up statistics.  

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