Thursday, 15 April 2021

Warning: social media platforms may be hacking your computer.



Reason for the above title is that one popular platform has deleted part of an image on my PC which suggested there are similarities between the book burning that Hitler’s Nazi party engaged in and censorship that is common on social media nowadays. I’ll be taking legal action against them.

The image is one you may have seen, the top half of which is a black and white image of book burning in Nazi Germany. Obviously social media platforms don't like the suggestion that they have similarities to Hitler's Nazi Party.

Moreover, don’t just copy anything you don’t want them to mess up onto a memory stick or similar and think you are then safe. Reason is that I actually had a copy of the relevant image on an old stick (which I copied onto the stick long ago) but the image there was messed up soon as I plugged the stick into my PC.

This is very sophisticated hacking, seems to me: not that I’m an expert in these matters.

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