Friday, 6 November 2020

Positive Money goes all woke.


This is the third instalment of a series of articles of theirs on the transatlantic slave trade of two to three hundred years ago.

Now why are they going on about that slavery episode – a crime which now cannot be rectified – while ignoring the 30 million or so slaves in the World right now, a crime which COULD potentially be rectified or at least ameliorated? Well you’d need to be politically naïve not to be able work that out.

Reason is that it’s fashionable in PC leftie circles to trash your own country, culture and race. So for white wokes, criticising whites for imposing slavery on various people, while ignoring the slavery imposed by people with brown faces is just the ticket. Plus for “people of colour”, the latter tendency of wokes to bash “people of whiteness” is a God-send: it enables them to engage in a bit of blatantly racist white bashing.

Moreover the article tries to claim that debts owed by developing countries to former colonial countries are an extension of that colonialism. Well there’s a slight problem there, namely that an increasing number of developing countries are heavily in debt to China, which is not a former colonial power. Thus if other developing countries had not incurred debts for silly reasons to former colonial countries, to what extend would they have gone running to China for loads of lovely money to fritter away?

That’s not a question that the author of the Positive Money article addresses: after all, it doesn’t fit the woke PC narrative does it?

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