Wednesday, 1 April 2020

My first week's supply of free government provided food arrives.

I’m a pensioner and have medical problems apart from age, so I’m a sitting duck for Corona. The UK government is proving free food handouts for people like me to save us going to shops and risking infection there. The first batch arrived today. I’m impressed, given the speed with which this was done.

The “week’s supply” consists of 4kg potatoes, 2kg carrots, 0.5kg cooked rice, 1kg Rice Krispies, 1 tin corned beef, 5 apples, 5 tangerines, 1kg spagetti. 10 tea bags, 10 sachets instant coffee, half a liter of milk, 10 biscits, 850 kg peas, 850 kg fruit cocktail, 200 g tinned tuna, soap, 850kg tomato sauce, 1 loaf bread, 4 400g tins tomatoe soup and 2 400g tins baked beans.

A few items obviously missing there: e.g. vitamin C, jam, margarine or butter, but perhaps they’ll come next week. 

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