Monday, 23 March 2020

Ideas for protection against the virus.

The virus can allegedly enter your body via the eyes, though there seems to be some debate about this. Anyway, as a cheap precaution, if you’re forced to go to work on a crowded bus or train, wear one of these cheap eye protectors obtainable from most builders merchants, DIY stores or Screwfix. They cost next to nothing: between £2 and £10.
Not guaranteed to keep you safe of course, but they might reduce the chance of being infected. 

 A much more expensive and possibly better form of protection: one of these full face protectors with a battery powered air supply: £269 from Screwfix. Obviously you’d need to rig up some way of filtering the air thru some sort of cloth soaked in soapy water. Viruses would tend to get caught and killed by the soapy water.

Plus there’s the problem that the cloth would dry out fairly quickly, which would render it useless. So you’d need a fairly large volume of filter to slow down the rate of drying, or some sort of replaceable cartridge containing fresh and damp filtering clot. Solving those two problems would a DIY enthusiast’s idea of heaven.!

Plus there are a variety of other face or "mouth and nose" masks with replaceable filters available from Screwfix. It might be possible to do the "soapy water" trick with those. Though note that soaking a filter with soapy water increases the resistance to air flowing thru the filter, so you'd probably need some sort of DIY way of artificially increasing the size / diameter of the filters.

Please note: I have no qualifications whatever in medicine. If you try any of the above ideas, that’s entirely at your own risk. Plus DIY adjustments to face masks etc would obviously invalidate the manufacturer's warrenty.

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