Friday, 30 November 2018

Great news: the US can help itself to limitless riches!

Stephanie Kelton and co-authors have a great new economic theory which is set out in this Huffington article. (Article title: “We can pay for a green new deal.”)

As they put it, “Here’s the good news: Anything that is technically feasible is financially affordable.” Well that is indeed good news. It’s even better “good news” than the “good news” that Jehova’s Witnesses try to broadcast.

Lets think about this.

It would be “technically feasible” for the US to have a UK style National Health Service. It would also be “technically feasible” for the US to build a nice six bedroom suburban house for every family in the US. Plus it would be “technically feasible” for the US to build 20 new aircraft carriers. So why doesn’t the great US of A go right ahead  and order up all those goodies and more? I’m baffled, as I’m sure you are (ho ho).

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