Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Glossy report says EU needs “full and good quality employment”. No shit?

We’d never have worked that out for ourselves, would we, children?  Plus of course the people of Greece and youths in Spain will be splitting their sides at the above – er – “insight”.

The orange paragraph on page 12 of the above taxpayer funded report contains more gems. (Other paragraphs and pages contain yet more gems, but I’ll concentrate on that one paragraph otherwise I’ll be here all week).

Apparently Europe needs “sustainable development”. Well you can guarantee the word “sustainable” will appear on every page of this sort of report.

Europe apparently also needs “balanced economic growth and prosperity”. Prosperity? Personally I’m in favor of poverty and starvation, but there you go.

We also need “social progress”. Well there again, I personally favor letting pensioners starve to death and sending children down coal mines, and I know of many who agree with me. So obviously there’s not much I have in common with the no doubt highly paid authors of this report.

Plus p.12 tells we need “scientific and technical advance”. Never in the world.! You learn something every day, don’t you?

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