Sunday, 8 January 2017

Foul mouthed academic economists claim Brexiteers hate foreigners.

It’s normal practice for the brainless lefties who write for the Guardian to accuse those who want less immigration of hating foreigners (xenophobia).  Indeed, that accusation has appeared in The Guardian (and indeed other supposedly “intelligent” broadsheet newspapers) about a thousand times, without so much as the beginnings of an attempt to substantiate the accusation.

In fact the accusation is VERY DIFFICULT to prove since it has hard to prove MOTIVE, though the latter point will be way beyond the comprehension of the aforesaid brainless lefties. How do you prove someone wants less immigration because (1) they hate or fear foreigners rather than (2) because they want to preserve their country’s traditions, way of life, identity, etc? It’s near impossible!

Moreover, the idea that for example members of the UKIP hate foreigners is a bit hard to square with the fact that UKIP members go abroad for their holidays like every one else, and mix with those ghastly foreigners.

And what’s that Nigel Farage doing making friends with Donald Trump? Doesn’t Nigel Farage realize Trump is a foreigner…:-) The Guardian really needs to fill us in on that one.

And one more nail in the “nasty leftie” claim that opponents of immigration hate foreigners is that when Tibetans say they want to preserve their country’s culture, identity and so on, lefties go all dewy eyed. But that’s just the millionth example of lefties having one set of rules for people with white skin and a different set for those with brown skin. And unless you’re as dim as a Guardian journalist, you’ll have noticed that that preferential treatment for brown skinned people is a form of racism.

Anyway…academics. I’ve just discovered that a group of academic economists were into this dimwit “hate foreigners” nonsense in the run up to the Brexit vote. That’s in an article entitled “Immigration brings both benefits and costs…” published by “Critical Macro Finance”. The article starts:

“If UK voters decide to leave the European Union, it will be for one reason above all. From the outset, nationalism bordering on xenophobia…”. 

Of course to be strictly accurate, the authors don’t actually accuse anyone of xenophobia: they accuse them of “nationalism bordering on xenophobia”. But that’s just weasel words, far as I’m concerned. Moreover, the authors accuse Brexiteers of being motivated PRIMARILY by “nationalism bordering on xenophobia”. Thus the authors are clearly pulling out every stop to give the impression that Brexiteers hate or fear foreigners without actually saying so.

Don’t think I’ll bother to acquaint myself with any more of the amazing insights published by “Critical Macro Finance”

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  1. Well I voted Brexit because of the economic mess the Euro is in,who wants to volunteer to join that gigantic cock up?
    Plus polls I've seen confirm economic/sovereign reasons were higher than the immigration issue for voting to leave.


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