Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Brainless nonsense in The Guardian on immigration.

I don’t have time to do a complete demolition job on this Guardian article, but I’ll deal with one key point which is the claim (an ever popular one) that “Britain, like Switzerland, relies on migrants not just to fuel its economy but to prop up key public services such as healthcare.”

The answer to that point is that Britain is only reliant on immigrants to run the health service because successive governments, Labour and Tory, have failed abysmally to train enough medics. To put that another way (for the benefit of low IQ cretinous Guardian readers) had Britain trained the right number of medics over recent decades, there’d be little need for immigrant medics.

That of course is not to criticise ALL IMMIGRATION. That is, even if each country aims to train the right number of bricklayers, plumbers, lawyers, medics, etc there will always be temporary shortages and surpluses of specific skills. But there is no excuse for a total failure to train anywhere near the right number of people for each profession.

But if failure to train a sufficient number of medics is a brilliant idea, perhaps we can look forward to some dim-wit effete Guardian journalist advocating the same total failure in respect of chefs, bricklayers, electricians, you name it.


Reference: "Theresa May's Swiss holiday will show her just how bad Brexit could be". Ian Birrell. The Guardian.

P.S. (Same day, 16th August, 2016).  I could of course have tried to answer that Guardian article in the comments section after the article. But unfortunately The Guardian is terrified of free speech: normally it won't publish strident criticisms of it's articles, or so I've found.

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