Thursday, 11 February 2016

Are university students brain dead?

I helped organise a seminar last Saturday on bank and monetary reform. We asked those attending to fill in a questionnaire which asked, among other things, the occupation of those present.

The seminar was in a university building and we advertised the event extensively in university buildings and the surrounding neighborhood. Of the 43 who responded to the questionnaire, there wasn’t one single student. In contrast, 14 of the 43 said they were retired.

That chimes with a point made to me by a full time employee of Positive Money recently, namely that there’s a significant bias among PM supporters towards the older and male section of the population.  (PM campaigns for bank and monetary reform)

You’d think that given we’ve had a serious recession for the last seven years sparked off by a defective bank system, that students (if they seriously want to make the world a better place) would take some interest in bank and monetary reform. Maybe they find screaming insults at Donald Trump and David Cameron less intellectually taxing and more emotionally satisfying.

For more evidence that students are brain dead, see here, here and here.


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