Friday, 30 October 2015

Pro immigration nonsense.

There must have been a thousand articles written over the last ten years telling us that one argument for immigration is that immigrants (who tend to be young) can help rectify the demographic “aging” problem in the West.

The first blindingly obvious flaw in that argument (well, blindingly obvious to anyone with an IQ above three) is that immigrants are human beings (surprise surprise) and like other human beings they eventually grow old. And that means yet more immigrants.

Thus using immigration to any great extent to deal with the aging problem results in an exponential increase in the population. And the actual extent of the population increase there is catastrophic. Several studies have been done into the size of that population increase, and it turns out that if immigration alone is used to deal with the aging problem, the population doubles every fifty years or so.

Another blindingly obvious flaw in the “import young immigrants” argument has always been that improved nutrition and medicine in less developed countries will result in those countries THEMSELVES having an aging problem.

And what d’yer know? China has just announced an end to its one child policy. Lefties will be amazed. Anyone with a brain will be yawning.

So what solutions can we expect from leftie journalists to China’s aging problem? I know: it’ll be “import youngsters from the West”.

Please, please: how do I get paid for writing BS?

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