Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Sombreros are racist.

Sombreros have been banned at the University of East Anglia on the grounds that they are racist. Quite right.

Moreover all forms of national dress are racist: kilts, sporrans, lederhosen, turbans, burkas and so on. They are all henceforth banned. The only form of dress permitted are Chairman Chairperson Mau jackets. And the only colour permitted is blue.

Also please note that men’s ties are sexist, since they clearly represent a phallus. They are also banned henceforth.

Also all words in the English language shall henceforth be deemed to be racist unless the high priests of political correctness have deemed them non-racist.

You can obtain a list of permitted words from:

Ms Deranged Nutter,
Barking Mad Department,
The Grauniad,
Diversity House,
Loony Left St,

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  1. So can I wear my Cowboy hat when I eat at Mc Donalds?


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