Thursday, 9 April 2015

Shock: there’s a shortage of government debt.

Jamie Dimon is complaining, according to this Bloomberg article, about the shortgage of Treasuries. Well boo hoo. Why exactly is there an obligation on the citizens of a country to run into debt so that Wall Street scum can have the amount of interest yielding safe assets they want?

I also like the claim by Dimon that “It’s just a matter of time until some political, economic or market event triggers another financial crisis…”. Translated into plain English that’s: “Bankster / criminals have been successful in bribing politicians into not implementing regulations that would render the bank system more stable, and that suits banksters because it means they can run larger risks than they otherwise would and keep the profits, and when the risks DON’T PAY OFF, the taxpayer comes riding to the rescue.”

(H/t to Mike Norman)

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