Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Low grade drivel in The Guardian on the subject of Job Guarantee.

There’s an article in The Guardian today on the subject of JG entitled “Work for the dole: this punishing forced labour policy..” by Van Badham.

Badham's first cock up (in her second paragraph) is to claim that the pay on JG schemes is “sub-poverty-level subsistence”. Well the problem with that is that remuneration on JG schemes is normally equal to and sometimes more than unemployment benefit. Thus if the remuneration really is “sub-poverty”, then that’s the fault of those who determine benefit levels, no those who design JG schemes.

Next Badhams claims (3rd paragraph) that the motive of those favouring JG is to “punish the unemployed”. OK Badham’s motive for writing for The Guardian is that it satisfies that weird sexual perversion she suffers from. Anyone can attribute daft motives to others.

And in her 5th paragraph she waxes lyrical about the deprivations suffered by those on unemployment benefit. Well that’s nothing to do with JG is it?

The woman is a moron. I can’t be bothered finishing the article.

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