Monday, 17 June 2013

Vince Cable, the UK Business Secretary plays straight into banksters hands.

There are two mistakes he makes over and over, both of which play straight into the hands of banksters.
First, he opposes imposing higher capital requirements on banks, particularly in a recession, because it would allegedly be some sort of burden on banks which would make it more difficult for banks to lend. The flaw in that argument was pointed out by Franco Modigliani and Merton Miller, the flaw being that the proportion of a bank’s funding that comes from shareholders does not influence the total cost of funding the bank. For more on that, see this Bank of England discussion paper.
Banks’ REAL MOTIVE for minimising capital is that it increases taxpayer exposure. That is, what banksters want is a system under which when their bets pay off, they keep the winnings, and when the bets go wrong, the taxpayer foots the bill.
Second, Vince Cable keeps going on about the need to encourage bank lending to businesses. Well banksters will love him for that, won’t they? Nothing must be done to hinder banks! The ACTUAL EVIDENCE is that access to finance comes a long way down employers’ list of concerns. E.g see:
p.7 here,
Section 2.7  here.

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