Saturday, 13 April 2013

Beastly rich Germans versus poor exploited Cypriots.

Er . . . . it’s the other way round. Cypriots are about the richest people in the EZ, while Germans are the poorest.



  1. I've just emailed Wolf Richter as follows:

    "Hi Wolf


    ... perhaps looking at levels of home ownership would help explain:

    Best wishes..."

    Now look at income instead of wealth? And the ratio of total public + private debt to GDP?

  2. Scratch the last, if you will, Ralph - Wolf points out that he has mentioned homeownership rates towards the end of the article. Oops.

    But in terms of wealth, I don't know what the picture will be now that so much switched out of Cyprus before the banks pulled down the shutters. Ditto income, I should think.


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