Saturday, 3 December 2011

Tony Blair oozes sincerity and displays his ignorance about the Euro.

Pretty boy Tony Blair expresses his views about the Euro in this interview. Unless you are seriously short of anything useful to do, don’t bother watching it. He simply makes the point that Euro politicians have REACTED to events rather been IN CHARGE of events, and this has induced markets to bet against the Euro and its periphery in particular.

Well I think everyone, including inmates of mental institutions have worked that out.

Which raises the question as to why the Wall Street Journal bothered publicising the interview. Well the answer is that if you are a journalist working for a newspaper, you can’t go wrong commissioning an article or publicising an interview with a big name – even if the big name is obviously senile or hopelessly ignorant.

In contrast, if someone has some seriously original or intelligent ideas about some economic problems, it’s best to give them a wide berth. Dean Baker spends much of his time pointing to the appalling nonsense that appears in some of America’s leading newspapers.

Such a pity.


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  1. "Oozes sincerity..."

    I've long felt that Tony Blair simply oozes. Used to turn the TV sound off when he appeared as PM on the news.


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