Monday, 22 August 2011

Anti fractional reserve banners on streets of Newcastle.

We set up in the shadow (literally and metaphorically) of Grey’s monument.

Grey was a leading light of the Great Reform Act of 1832 which cleaned up some of the corrupt practices in parliament. He’ll be turning in his grave . The inscription on the monument reads:

This column was erected in 1838 to commemorate the services rendered to his country by Charles Earl Grey,K.G. who during an active political career of nearly half a century was the constant advocate of peace and the fearless and consistent champion of civil and religious liberty. He first directed his efforts to the amendment of the representation of the people in 1792, and was the minister by whose advice, and under whose guidance the great measure of parliamentary reform was, after an arduous and protracted struggle safely and triumphantly achieved in the year 1832.

Plenty of interest in the banners. The daughter of a professor who has done a podcast for Positive Money spotted us and gave us some moral support. And a fellow who helped start a credit union in London stopped for a chat.


  1. We need to see the text of the banners!

  2. Anon: Scroll down to 18th Aug post and left click on images of the banners. You'll see all the text apart from the small print.


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